Meet yourself,
under the surface.
Why breath-based therapy?

Your body knows you are angry, even when your mind tells you that you should be calm. Your body remembers how powerful you are, even when your mind believes that you are weak. Even when your mind has forgotten, your body keeps score of wounds that want to be healed, memories that want to be embraced, energy that wants to be used, needs and desires that want to be honored. Breathing consciously is a powerful way to (re)connect with your body’s knowledge.

At IntoTheDeep, we offer breathwork practices that help you connect to your breath and your body in order to heal and grow as a person. And while science has only just started figuring out how exactly that works, there is good evidence that breathwork works – from strengthening your immune system and fighting inflammation to facing mental challenges like anxiety, depression and PTSD, to supporting your mental well-being, resilience and life satisfaction (Fincham et al. 2023, Havenith & Nemri 2023).    » Learn more about breathwork

Our services for you

We offer in-person breathwork sessions in Frankfurt, both individually and in groups. We also lead breathwork facilitator trainings for medical and psychotherapeutic institutions on site. Our facilitator training in Frankfurt starts in Spring 2024.

Our philosophy is that your breath does (most of) the work! The breathing patterns used in breathwork change your physiology (e.g. the CO2 saturation in your blood) – in a safe way! And through those physiological changes, you can experience altered states of consciousness that enable personal healing and growth. As facilitators, we’re here to help. We guide you in consciously connecting with your breath, and use a variety of techniques (bodywork, voicework) to support you in fully stepping into your inner processes.

Individual Sessions

We offer in-person breathwork sessions with one-on-one support in Frankfurt, Germany.

Group Experiences

We lead breathwork circles in Frankfurt starting in November 2023. Breathwork circles will take place once every 3 months on Sunday mornings. Please get in touch if you’re interested!

Facilitator Training

Facilitator training in Frankfurt begins in Spring 2024. We also offer on-site facilitator trainings for medical and psychotherapeutic institutions since 2022.